May 2009

flaky husbands of the world, rejoice!

flaky husbands of the world, rejoice!

On an outing yesterday to the local Chinese market, my daughter and I spotted this gem of Chinglish.  Ladies, when you are out shopping, don’t forget to bring a little something home for your flaky husbands.

Not being a husband (impossible for me), nor being flaky (although that might be possible at times), I opted instead for the Lotus Mooncake with Yolk.  That turned out to be an excellent choice…although as I ate the mooncake, I couldn’t help wondering what I’m missing out on by not being a flaky husband.


Fantastic things to come…but I need time to set things up.  Check back soon…yes, I’m talking to you!  If you’ve checked back and still see nothing (or not enough of something), then bare your soul to me in a comment.